It turns out they’re not as fond of you as you are of them

Sound system

I should have the perfect life. A master of the classics like me, playing the best of the best to a connoisseur.

Instead, I go, “Boom! tish, tish, crash! Boom! Boom Boom.” And now a wail, like a mating fox. What is this nonsense you are making me play? Even…

Butterflies don’t make butter so stop giving false hope


Butterflies. Why are they called butterflies? They don’t eat butter or look like butter. They should be named flutterflies or flowerflies. Even big-wing-flies, but not butterflies.


If butterflies should be flutterflies, what about moths? Their name doesn’t really mean anything. It doesn’t describe them at all. Stupidflies would be a…

We would all like to retire on the profits from our writing, wouldn’t we?

Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash

Would you like to be able to make enough money to retire? Would you like to do that simply by writing on Medium? Think that’s impossible? You’re clearly not creative enough! Read on to see how it’s done.

5 top tips to help you retire on your Medium income

  • Start as soon as you are born. Yes, that does pose some…

Give me a ‘no’ button!

All images by author

Do I want to subscribe to your email list? No.

But you won’t let me say no, will you? Oh no. You are so confident in your success that no isn’t an option!

I can select ‘not now’ or ‘sign me up. But I don’t want to sign up. Ever.

Feel for the people living with these names.

All images by author

A name is simply a way to define one person from the other. A label. Nothing to be embarrassed or proud of. Not confusing or dangerous — just a way of knowing who is who.

Isn’t it?

Not all names! Read on to find the 5 most difficult male names…

Photo by Valerie Kaarna on Unsplash

We all love our cars, but do our cars love us?

How do modern cars feel about their owners? These four cars tell all!

Image by author

Some songs could use a rewrite

Sometimes song lyrics can tell an important story or convey the singers deepest emotions. You can feel the singers heart breaking or the height of their elation through the lyrics.
But some songs baffle me.
They have me wondering whether the singer actually meant what they were singing. …

and I’m lonely!

GIM. All images by author

Do you ever have a great idea, then when you go to act on it you find that you’ve forgotten it? …

Of course, I don’t — but let’s work with that suggestion…

The giant space squid. All images by author

Why am I adding more theories into the world?

I’ve heard some fantastic theories about things over the last few years, particularly around the pandemic. I'm genuinely baffled about why people believe a lot of the things that they do. …

Rachel Dodman

Rachel is a freelance writer from the UK. Check out her latest novella Downhill From Wednesday on Amazon!

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