Dancing — The Only Exercise You Need!

When we think about exercise, we have a lot of preconceived ideas. Lycra, gyms, running shoes, effort, exertion. When we imagine exercise we don’t imagine dancing, making friends and socializing. But we should. Dancing is a great form of exercise!

Social Dance Animal

When you dance you are physically connected to your partner. You are both dancing to the same music, trying to understand and reflect the way the other is expressing the music. One of you has picked up on a regular pattern in the music — the other has noticed, and you have dance magic. It is a great feeling when you both perfect a move it can be quite good fun when you make mistakes. You don’t get as frustrated because there are two of you. You muck something up, your partner laughs, you laugh. You both try again.

Most forms of modern partner dance involve dancing with different partners. This means you get the chance to meet lots of people. And you get to learn different things from different people. One partner might be great at timing — always knows where the breaks in the music are and is spot on the beat, whereas another partner might be fantastic at style, making the moves theirs. You dance differently with each person and learn something new each time.

This connection with another person is essential for humans and according to a study investigated by Psychology Today it can help prevent mental health problems like depression and lead to a 50% increase in longevity.

Awesome Aerobics

Better Bone Benefits

Flex Like a Fox

Dance All Night!

Pain is NOT Gain

Beat Dementia With Dance

Dancing is a full body workout that can benefit you in a whole range of ways. It is used to treat conditions and to prevent conditions from developing. On top of that, it is fun, it looks wonderful and makes you the ideal guest to have at a wedding — no more terrible Dad dancing or shuffling around like a lemon!

Rachel is a freelance writer from the UK. Check out her latest novella Downhill From Wednesday on Amazon! www.racheldodman.com

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